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Thoughts on living location during school

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I'll be relocating from the west coast to PA for school, and I have the opportunity to invest and live in a beautiful setting just outside of town (lake house), but my commute to campus would be longer than I'd like (40-50 min). On the other hand, after the first year or so, class time decreases, and clinical time increases, and clinical sites could be all over the place. For those who relocated for school, would you prioritize proximity to campus and a shorter commute to classes (not necessarily applicable to clinical sites) or the mental health benefits of living somewhere peaceful during a stressful period? I'm already planning on substituting relistening lectures for the podcasts I normally listen to on my commutes to work, so the drive would be productive regardless, and it I plan on staying on campus until the last class of the day anyway. Clinical days require driving in wya before rush hour as well, so timeliness shouldn't be an issue. 

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