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I just got around to watching ER from last Thursday. I thought it was an extremely good episode. I also liked the point- sometimes no matter what we do the bad outcome happens, and sometimes we get lucky.

But at one point in the episode Dr. Banfield says, "Shifts and breaks, such a nurse thing."

Seriously, how many of us always leave on time and always get our break?

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I chuckled at that comment. While there are some shifts where we're so slammed that I end up working through my breaks, I do prioritize my breaks and I do work very hard to get out on time. We are union, we have a contract with the hospital, and we are paid hourly. I will not volunteer my time. If patient needs are such that taking my breaks would compromise patient care, fine, I'll work through them, and I'll even stay late, but I will get paid for it.

I have overheard many a hospitalist complain of being at work for twelve to fourteen hours and not having had a meal break. I have a feeling that their labor agreement with the hospital is different from that of the nurses' union.



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Yes! This week's ER episode was actually really good! It does make you think.....

As far as Dr Banfield's comment, I hardly gave it a second thought... just roll my eyes.. come to think of it, the same response Sam gave.



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How about "Sleeping during your shift.....such a doctor thing"

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now that's funny ! :)

praiser :heartbeat

how about "sleeping during your shift.....such a doctor thing"

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I realize ER is in its last season, but it would be nice to feature nursing more than just Sam. How about some up-and-coming ER nurse coming on, just like Sam's debut?



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i just thought lol lol ! break yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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