This NY nurse is moving to Florida

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Hi everyone! So I have been working in NY as an RN for 2 1/2 years. I have always wanted to live in Florida. I just can't take NY winters, taxes etc! So we started building a brand new home in orange county. I applied to a few hospitals and was able to get into Winnie Palmer Hospital! I was a Med Surg nurse then wanted change so I transferred to the Labor and Delivery department and I love it! So when I found Winnie Palmer I was ecstatic that I get to stay in a specialty that I love with an amazing reputation!!. I know people think I'm insane for moving..I got a 20.00 per hour pay DECREASE! I'm okay with this because in January i'll be hanging at the beach as I was last year when I came to purchase my new home and Winnie Palmer has 12,000-15,000 deliveries per year, NY only 5,000-7,000! I can't wait as I'm sure I will gain so much experience!! I'm just wondering how people like working in Winnie Palmer hospital :0) I start my new job in October! Thank you my fellow nurses!!