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This Nurse's History With allnurses.com

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Fran L. LeMay has 23 years experience as a LPN, EMT-I and specializes in LTC.

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I graduated nursing school in 1997. at age 55.  I was actively looking for work, filling out applications wherever a place was hiring. I eventually was contacted by a place that offered only 16 hours a week, and since I was a household of one, I knew I would have to find more work than that, so I kept looking, while using the money I had received from the sale of my home in New York. It seemed that nobody wanted to hire an LPN at that age. 

I eventually used up the money I had and was still only getting piece meal work, so in order to be able to pay my expenses, I contacted my church that helped me with my rent. I was grateful. Then when I began getting so sick I had to be hospitalized with pneumonia least once a year, I was forced to get help from Social Services. Oh how I did NOT want that type of help. I wanted to support myself instead, I was diagnosed with COPD in 2000, and was put on disability. Yes, I got depressed at first, because I wanted to help others; not have to be helped. However, from having to be hospitalized every year with pneumonia, and sometimes it was double pneumonia, and a Pulmonary Embolism, I knew I was unable to work. I eventually was placed in a hospice house that provided Assisted living.

My still loving nursing,  I was told about a website by the name, "Allnurses.com. that focused on all types of nursing in many different fields in 2002. I decided to do a search on my computer, and what I found was very much to my liking so I became an instant member. 

One of the first Threads I joined was the daily "Good Morning" thread. I became fast friends with the members who posted on it sharing their experiences at work and the different things they decided to do that particular day. 

My first close friend was a male nurse named Tweety. He was a very friendly and positive individual. I liked him a lot, because he was very easy to converse with.  

 The allnurses.com website decided  to run a contest about who the members thought the most likable member was. I participated in the contest and gave my input. A couple months after I was a patient there, the Assistant manager, NRS Mary visited me and gave me the certificate. I learned that Tweetie and I got first place. I was so surprised! I still have the certificate hanging on my wall.

The next day, I was back in the hospital, but to my surprise, I received phone from some of the members of the Allnurses.com website wishing me a speedy recovery. I was in the Hospice House 27 long months, but survived hospice. While in that place I was able to share with nurses from all walks of life on this website that is near and dear to my heart. 

I eventually moved into my current apartment, and don't ever want to move again, because I am still able to share with so many of you. 

When my membership was running out, I asked Brian Short, the creator of Allnurses.com If I would be able to still be a premium member, but wasn't able to pay for it due to my circumstances, And he gave me a lifetime premium membership. How blessed I felt I was. I love this website so much I call it my second home. 

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