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I will be testing for my RN on Nov. 20th the 8th and final time. Truthfully this is the only time that I can say "I have left it all out on the field" with studying. I started preparing Aug 16th and as of today I have done over 3500 questions, stayed up at least each night until 1-4am studying after coming home from work and still studying from the Priortizing,Assignment,& Delegation book and still reviewing other things. I really want this and I have to leave knowing their was no doubt I left it all out on the field. So for those of you who pray, then keep me in your prayers.

You can do this! Believe in yourself.

When do you sleep if you are awake at 1 am-4 am studying??

I failed and then passed the second time with 75 questions. I walked out feeling like a truck had hit me!

Sending prayers your way! Success will be sweeter after a long wait. :)