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Thinking of going Independent (LVN)

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by pnkgirl25 pnkgirl25 (Member)

pnkgirl25 has 1 years experience and works as a LVN-Home Health Wound Care.

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Looking for some guidance here. I currently work as a private duty nurse n Los Anageles for 3 different agencies. 90% of my clients are wound care clients.

I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business and taking on private duty wound care clients. I would like to focus mostly on post surgical wound care for people, specifically plastic surgery.

My questions is can I just take on a private client on my own? Could I connect with a surgery center who would refer me clients?

Although I do 90% wound care I am not certified in wound care. Would I need to be?

Has anyone ever done this?

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Great idea. How is it going?

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