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Thinkin of working in the cath lab


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I will be interviewing for a cath lab position soon. My background is 16yrs. ICU and 5yrs. general OR.Have been retired for 1 yr.Would appreciate any advice or tips.More worried about actually getting the job.Have never worked in a cath lab before.Would appreciate any advice/tips,websites,books lab values, etc. Looking for something challenging and this may be it. thanks,.:)


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I love working in the cath lab. Just be ready for lots of call time and strange hours. The labs I mostly worry about ar PT,INR, BUN and Creat. With all your ICU experience I'm sure you would be a great addition to the lab you are applying too! My mentor was an ICU nurse for 30 years and she is just the best! You should have a general knowledge of most cardiac drugs and your ACLS skills. It is such a rewarding job, good luck to you!

P.S. The lead you wear will get heavy so have some good shoes and support hose!


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You have plenty of experience. You will be okay. Sometimes it is a good idea to try a different specialty. How did you feel when you switched from ICU to OR or vice versa? Go for it!!!!Good luck!!!