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Therapy & Section P


P. T. worked with the patient the same day after the eval for 35min. O. T. worked with the patient after the eval on the 22nd for 25min. Then on the 25th, O. T. worked with the patient for 50 minute. P. T. worked with the patient on the 25th & 26th, each for 50 minutes. On Section P, I put O.T.-1 day and P. T. 2 days. I am having difficulty explaining why this is to the head of out therapy department.


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lol, 'we playin hide n seek:D

Since on the 22nd, PT & OT already started providing treatments, OT=2, PT=3. Best way to confirm this is look at the therapy log/attendance. How many of those days have 15 mins of rx (or more) from each therapist.

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