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The "ROLE" of an LPN in a Indep. living facility

Could someone please let me know the DO's & DONT's in a indep living facility. I know that they dont have the license to do specific care for the resident on the I.L. side ....



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:yeah: welcome, welcome...you did not mention what state you are from but that (state rules and regulations) and your facility's policies would determine what you can and cannot do. i do not understand why those questions were not answered for you upon hiring?! :confused: good luck ~

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

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I work in AlF and there are some dos and donts. This is per facility so you should have this answered by your employer. An example is that at my facility no restraints are allowed with or without a doc order.

It's a new job . Haven't had training yet. I just assumed basic do's and donts are standard at every facility. Like not being able to physically give them mess but just remind them and check if they're taking them...


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