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The practical aspects of Midwifery


I am very strongly attracted to midwifery, and the field of bringing new lives into this world as well as providing the most empowering experience for women in this stage. I also find the medical aspect stimulating. I would like to know from midwives who are working-what do you love about your job? What is it all about? What do you find challenging?

And how can I get my feet wet? I am still in the pre requisite stage, but passionate about this field!

Start with shadowing a CNM if that is possible. If that is not possible you might try shadowing a L&D nurse just to get the feel for this atmosphere.

If shadowing a midwife strengthens your conviction that you belong in a birth-related career, I recommend looking to find a way to train and volunteer as a doula in your community. It's a great way to get started advocating for moms and familiarizing yourself with labor, and will be a great help when applying to programs later on if you do decide to become a CNM (preceptors prefer that you have some experience in the birth setting).