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The OldDude

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For those of you just joining our program, I need to inform you that the OldDude and I are identical twins that were separated as infants and brought back together due to William Wright's study, and subsequent book, Born That Way on predisposed genetic personality templates.

It was either that or Farawyn suggested that the OldDude visit the Jacob Rockstar Thread and we met thataway. Like the Incas and Aztecs, I get those two mixed up.

I have quite a few OldDude comics and since the vast majority were lost to the digital winds when allnurses upgraded, I thought, "What the hey..."

I've noticed that the OldDude has a new avatar since the upgrade. He used a generic avatar of Indiana Jones because, to quote him as closely as I can recall, "I look a lot like Indiana Jones. Well, I look a little like Indiana Jones. Okay, I don't look anything like Indiana Jones, I just like Indiana Jones".

This was the OldDude's previous avatar:


The OldDude's new avatar is a picture of Indiana Jones with a serious look on his face, concentrating, trying to make an important calculation and decision:




So, here's to you, OldDude! This is Davey Do posting in Davey Do's Comics some OldDude comics!

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The OldDude and I have had many intimately philosophical discussions and he has given me a lot of support.

Here's an example:


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The OldDude has had a lot of deep, meaningful conversations with a lot of allnurses members:


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