The nurse I work with is just awful

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Sorry guys, this is going to be a vent. The nurse that works on my unit on my floor is just plain awful. He never answers call lights, even when I'm with other residents, and half the time the call lights are left on for him because he's slow with his medications. Other times, I've come looking for him to report something, and he's in a residents room doing a straight cath with the door wide open. I end up giving my report and shutting the door. I don't know what to do about his incompetence. It's difficult with me being just a CNA (and a timid one, at that) to say something to him, or his superiors...



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Regarding the medications- sometimes it does take a very long time for a nurse to give all the meds. Is this LTC? If so, he may have up to 50 residents to dispense meds to. If the nurse stops to answer call bells, it will take even longer. There is only a small window of time to get those meds out, or it is an error.

I would monitor it. If he is constantly neglecting to provide privacy for all or many patients, then it is likely an issue that needs addressing. But for one incident, I would not necessarily say anything.

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