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The Night the Professor Became a Nurse


Who in their right mind would give up being an English teacher, an English professor no less who taught writing at Tufts University, to become a nurse?

After having my son, I realized I wanted a job where I was expected to care about people, not grade or judge them. Then I had my twins, and my world turned inside out and upside down with the physical challenges of the pregnancy. The midwives who helped me through the pregnancy left a lasting impression, and when I mentioned my admiration for them, a friend who's a nurse told me, "You could do that job."


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Wow, can I ever relate to her story. I don't have one specific incident that I can say has done it for me, but a bunch of events that culminated in my awareness that I have done the right thing in going from a successful career on the down side of midlife as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to a career as a fledgling RN. I love it, and wouldn't go back! I am glad I bring my skills and experience with me however and hope and believe that it will mesh really well when I become an FNP.


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I know an ER doc who has her PhD in English and also taught at a university before going to med school!

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I know an ER doc who has her PhD in English and also taught at a university before going to med school!

Well this one just sounds like one of those degree collectors haha. But I do know many people who are making similar career changes. Gone are the days of choosing one career in your early twenties and sticking with it until you retire. I myself decided to enter into healthcare after I realized i was miserable in the legal field. Its never too late to do what you want to do.

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good for you, go for it.. ..

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