So, I am a very new nurse, ie, still in orientation. I am feeling a little befuddled,  because I seem to have missed the everything is sunshine, and dewdrops, and kittens, phase of my new career. I'm hoping this doesn't mean I'm going to reach the 'boy I need a new job' phase exceptionally fast. Don't get me wrong, I like my job and my new unit, but I also am very much appreciative of my days off. I started thinking about this because it came to light (ie I had no clue) last that my new unit only allows us to use 2 out of 5 weeks of earned time, and the rest we are supposed to cash out at the end of the year. (Or use as sick time, but I have no plans to become 'sick' so I can use my earned time, its just not in me). I am feeling particularly salty and crusty about this earned time policy, and wish I had known of it before I accepted this position,  as I do enjoy being able to take a day off here and there. In fact, I am feeling like a long weekend would be very good right about now ? ....and that's what I'm sayin'! I just started and I'm already ready for a break ? LOL.  I have worked in the same hospital where I am now employed for a couple years as a CNA, and prior to this I worked for the same organization in a different role as a crisis worker for 3 years. It's also worth mentioning that things are a bit hairy at my hospital right now, as we are in the process of voting on unionization. Also, the covid. My old CNA unit is a covid unit, or has been since March, so I was maybe already a teensy bit burnt out. A friend of mine that I went to school with who also works in the hospital, and has transitioned to a nurse in her dept (ED) is feeling the same lack of ? and ?,  so im not alone.  I just hope that this is not a foreshadowing of the shortest career in nursing history ?‍♀️?. This is my second career, and I cannot afford a 3rd LOL. Honestly though, did y'all experience the kittens ?  phase, or jump straight to the "2 more days and I get a day off" phase? I really do like a lot of aspects of my job. I find it to be interesting intellectually. I like the hustle and bustle and organized chaos. As hard as it is, I value being able to be there for patients when they are struggling, or when they pass. I like feeling like I accomplished something at the end of the day. So that's good, right? ??? Thanks for all your wisdom in advance❤