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The countdown is on, can you help me make the most of it? Please?!

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Hi all!

I am an ER Tech in a really busy trauma center and also getting my nursing degree. Barely able to contain my excitement... (who am I kidding? Everyone knows I am annoyingly excited!) I graduate in May and at this point I'm trying to do everything possible to make the most out of each and every shift until I take my boards in the summer.

Recognizing this opportunity, aside from doing my best and working hard, I try to ask questions, connect the dots, anticipate the needs of my nurse, grab supplies, etc.

SO my question is this, What should I be doing during the (rare) moments I have free? :uhoh21:

I try to read EKG strips, study patient's charts, keep my ears open and talk to nurses about common mistakes of a new nurse, tips and tricks of time management, and the list goes on.

I am trying to be a SPONGE of KNOWLEDGE and I would appreciate your recommendations for squishiness

Thanks in advance!!!:yeah:

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SOo... a quick search on here pulled up a ton of info for me to think about while I'm reconnecting pts to teley and doin my Upreg's! Thanks, AllNurses :redbeathe:heartbeat:redbeathe

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