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The Best Smart Phone/PDA?

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by michellesrndream michellesrndream (Member)

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Hello All you Techies!

Okay, I am so not a techy - I do what I gotta do and that's about it. I was wondering if anyone LOVES their PDA/Smart Phone they would reccommend. My pockets are gonna be loaded down enough, I thought it would save me carrying the PDA & cell phone in my pockets.

Second question...how much memory (minimum) should I be looking at for the nursing software most of us would load for the MP3 feature I'd like it to have to listen to tunes while on the run across campus!

thanks for the info ahead of time!


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CraigBSN02 specializes in TNCC CEN CPEN CCRN.

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I'm assuming you want a easy to use device that functions as a nursing reference, so I'm gonna skip Windows Mobile devices.

I heartily recommend a Treo 650, available from all the major wiress carriers. It can be had as low as $50, but expect around $100 for the device. The device has 32MB of internal (non-upgradable) memory, which is why you need the external 2GB card, which will cost $35.

The device is dead simple to use. Palm OS is easy to use and will play MP3s, video, record voice memos, take pictures, the works. The Treo comes with RealPlayer and you get a free copy of PocketTunes (a better MP3 player IMHO). MP3s are loaded to the memory card, so the (lack of) internal memory isn't a problem.

There are literally thousands of Palm OS applications. I highly recommend Skyscape, check out http://www.skyscape.com. They have many, many nursing titles in every specialty you can imagine.

A word of caution: if you treat your Treo 650 like a cheap cellphone (throw it in your purse, drop it, get it wet, etc.), it will not last. If you treat it like your iPod (keep it in the case, keep it charged, keep it protected) it will last forever. There is a learning curve, but it's minimal compared to the Windows Mobile devices and not nearly as complex.

If you need more info, let me know and I can give you specific information.


RN, BSN, and others... :-)

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