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Thanks to allnurses.com


:)I'd like to thank the creator of this website and all the members for being a part of my success!!

This is where I found helpful tips, PVT trick and a lot more to lessen my anxiety in taking the nclex.

I took the test on June 21 at 8a.m...after a few hours did the PVT trick and got the good pop up..after 3 days I checked the CA BRN website and my name is there!! :yeah:

I found that this book is helpful:

La charity: Delegation.. (Most of the questions I got were "who to see first?..)

I also attended Dr. Martin review -10 day rn nclex review program.

For me..i found it very helpful...Since it's been years since I graduated from nursing program..i felt i needed to focus on the contents rather than taking practice test in the computer. (although i did answer some questions for practice just to lessen my anxiety--i have the nclex apps for iphone).

Never give up, never lose hope...

BTW --i stopped all the way to 265..lots of SATA, prioritization questions

Whoaw that's so tough.. 265 questions and many SATA's and prioritization questions.... Good for you. Congrats!