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Happy Thanksgiving to All Nurses !

ohmeowzer RN, RN

Specializes in ob/gyn med /surg.

thank you and happy thanksgiving to everyone !!! i am grateful for all of you and your wonderful insightful posts. you are all my friends and i love you !! i am thankful for allnurses for bringing us together !!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


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I hope everyone has a blessed day filled with friends, family, and thanksgiving!


Specializes in dialysis (mostly) some L&D, Rehab/LTC.

Im STUFFED already...said this turkey!:sstrs:

i am thankful for spending tomorrow with my family, and for this wonderful allnurses family.

also i am thankful to have such a great job, working with the great people that i do in these times of such economic strain.

may god bless you all tomorrow and every day after!

hey all,

have a great thanksgiving


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