thank you rural nurses


i jave been an LPN since june and will be an RN this coming june. i found this website shortly after becoming a nurse and visit it frequently. i usually check out med/surg and the student boards. i stumbled upon this board by accident tonight and am so glad to see rural nursing as a specialty. i work on a med surg unit with 24 beds in a 30 bed rural hospital. i have been so envious of my classmates that live near Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (most prestigous hospital in NH). i wanted to work in a big hospital until a couple of monthes ago when we hired a nurse that had been a nurse for 20 years in a big hospital. hearing about her former job made me realize how much rural nurses are great. i am a new nurse and had taken care of a wider range of patients. rural med surg's are surgical units, cardiac units, pulmonry units, pediactrics, neuro, oncology etc.. etc...etc.. we have no iv team. we are it.

so thank you rural nurses for giving a new nurse some insight on what it takes to be a rural hospital nurse. just because our hospital is small doesn't mean we are.

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