Work at home recommendations?

  1. Hi, I'm new, an RN of 11 years (6yr LVN and 5 as RN)anyway. I've hurt my back recently and am looking to possibly work from home. I've considered Chart auditing. Have any of y'all done this before? Any other suggestions? Hoping to start working again by January if possible.
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  3. by   old-MLF
    smileycat: Have you heard of legal nurse consulting? This is an area I have recently made the decision to go into. There are courses you can take to better understand the legal field, market your services etc. This field involves (basically) selling your nursing knowledge to attorneys by doing research in nursing subjects, reviewing cases for merit, and so on. Just a thought! MLF
  4. by   gauge14iv
    Some insurance companies hire case managers who work at home. They are telephonic case managers. They are still expected to make sure their kids will not be audible - ie in daycare and they are expected to work certain hours.

    Some of them want you to work in house for 6 months first before sending you hoome to work and you may still have to attend nosite meetings and such. Would be worth checking into for your situation though.