Woman's Hospital of Texas

  1. Any infor on this hospital please. Am curious to know what the work enviro is like and also especially the staffing ratios in any department will do but especially in the NICU. Thanks .Currently work for a HCa hospital in the UK and just want to compare.Thanks.
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    NICU II is usually 1:4 and NICU III is 1:2.
  4. by   LeeTendayi
    Thanks a lot. Not much different from here.Thanks.
  5. by   poohpappy
    NICU II/ Intermediate Care: 1:4 or 1:3 (basing on patient acuity)
    NICU III: 1:1 or 1:2 (basing on patient acuity)
  6. by   pinkynbd_99
    hey I'm starting to volunteer at this hospital through the March of Dimes program, anyway, I was wondering do you think its a good idea for me to get a job there first maybe as a PCA to sorta get my foot in the door, so that when I graudate NS, there could be a good possibility to get a job as a NICU nurse?
    Another thing, do hospital hire Nursing Students more easiler than a regular applicant that wants a job as a PCA?