who is going to tarleton in the fall?

  1. just wondering
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  3. by   CyclicalEvents
    That school kinda scares me =S

    Some students at Tarleton State University threw a what many people believed to be a racist "MLK Party" on Dr Martin Luther King's birthday in 2007. It featured students mocking African Americans stereotypes including buckets of fried chicken, malt liquor, kerchiefs, fake gold teeth, fake gang paraphernalia, afro wigs, hand guns, and even a female dressed like Aunt Jemima (while holding a bottle of malt liquor).[3] Weeks later the KKK held a rally in Stephenville to show KKK support of these students.[4] Only a handful of students actually attended the rally, which was held on spring break.
  4. by   pedirn1
    I am already an RN, but I attented Tarleton and thought it was a great school! They are currently building a new nursing building that will be state of the art. The program is very rigerous (like most nursing programs) and new grads have a good reputation with surrounding hosptials (fort worth/dallas area and rural areas).
    The incident that that the OP is refrencing is something that a few students did that set a bad name for the entire school and city