WCJC RN program

  1. Has anyone attended WCJC Rn program? If so, is it competitive to get in? A friend of mine told me that she has been on the waiting list for five years.:uhoh21:
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  3. by   studentforlife
    I'm not familiar with that program. Where is WCJC?
  4. by   semi-fly
    I believe he/she is talking about Wharton County Junior College (http://www.wcjc.cc.tx.us/). Information about their ASN program starts on page 154 of the 2006 - 2007 catalog.

    Have you had a chance to schedule an appointment with the nursing department advisor? When you do, I suggest compiling a list of questions you would liked answered.

    Are there any other programs available to you?
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  5. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    A co-worker did all of her pre-reqs there and then couldn't get in. She ended up going to San Jac. I was going to apply to their bridge program in Jan. but am missing nutrition class. Hate that every program as one or two odd ball classes that no one else requires.