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  1. Hi all. I haven't seen too much discuss about UT's NP program on here so I'm hoping maybe I can get some to chime in. I was accepted to their NP program and I'm just hoping to get some opinions by those who have either gone there or who may be in the same boat as me and contemplating attending. I moved to Austin about three months ago so, unfortunately, if I attending it will be out of state tuition for the first year. I personally really like that it is on the campus and considering I work at the hospital on the campus that helps a lot in terms of travel and such. I guess I'm just wondering for those who have gone or who are thinking about it or just opinions in general of the program, pos and cons. I appreciate all input! Thanks.
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    Anyone have any experience with the program? They don't take too many each year and since it 's held on campus maybe less people are interested in applying in favor of online programs. Smaller sample size possibly. Any thoughts, appreciated!