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  1. by   LaneyM
    I applied with 19 points.
  2. by   monica83
    19 points here also. We find out the end of March I believe...
  3. by   prhodes92
    I applied to the Kaufman ADN program for the Fall semester of 2013. I am still waiting for feedback on the acceptance or regrets. I have completed the required prereqs and some. The director of the program still told me it wouldnt be enough. I currently have 13 points and I have 45 hours in credits! I am currently enrolled in Microbiology, Chemistry, Texas Govt, Human Growth&Dev, and Soph. English. I am an over-achiever and the director had the guts to tell me I could reapply next year! I told him...why would I do that when this is my last semester of school and I'm graduating! Did I mention that these are all BSN courses that I have completed! This program is a waste :\ I'm angry because I did all this work and took the HESI and aced it! 90 in Reading, 86 in Grammar, 82 in Math. YET IT STILL ISNT ENOUGH. So guess what I did.....I contacted UT TYLER...and now I am interested in their program. Want to know why? BECAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE THE MORE LOGICAL CHOICE! For a person like me! No disrespect to the TVCC FANS -_-
  4. by   monica83
    Good luck!
  5. by   prhodes92
  6. by   patchadams2
    I applied with 18! Good Luck Everyone!
  7. by   LaneyM
    I though I had 19 points but I only have 18. I hope that is enough to get me in. It is frustrating that I cant get into a program when I have 70 credit hours with a 4.0. The joys of living in a highly competitive area!!!!!!!!
  8. by   lth1123
    I applied to Houston and they have four schools. I feel more secure about being accepted there than at TVCC. I can't wait to find out either way because I should hear from them within one to two weeks of hearing from TVCC. Only regret, I wasted this last semester taking classes for a BSN to get points for TVCC when I should have been looking around TX all along. I could have been in my first semester already without the extra classes. Good luck to you all. I'm just so glad I have a good plan B!
  9. by   Faith2012
    did you make it?
  10. by   Faith2012
    I made it in with 20 points this go round...congrats to others who made it in!!
  11. by   lth1123
    I got accepted in Houston!!! Good luck people at TVCC. Future students if you have all classes fo BSN you might as well fight for a BSN not ADN, but that's just my opinion. Look at other schools that is what saved me. H-Town here I come!!