Texas Tech RN to BSN FALL 2018

  1. Has anyone gotten accepted into the FALL 2018 program?
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  3. by   Erickvargas24
    I got accepted for summer 2018
  4. by   deannavenable
    have you received anything yet?
  5. by   Meganhuckabay1
    I got accepted into the RN-BSN fall 2018 program. Has anyone else?
  6. by   atxonurse
    I got accepted for this Fall 2018 as well! Which degree plan did you guys choose? I chose the 3 semester degree plan and hoping it won't be too much for me to handle as I'll be working as a new grad on the floor come this October
  7. by   Meganhuckabay1
    I signed up for the 2 semester program!