Texas BS Nursing Students!!!

  1. Hey y'all!! I'm applying to nursing schools in the fall 2019, I just have 5 more classes to take and I'm taking classes part time which is why it's taking me awhile. ANYWAYS, I haven't seen an updated forum on this but if y'all have gotten in your texas bsn program, what school are you going to? What's your cumulative gpa? Pre-requisite gpa? And science gpa? If you took the hesi or teas exam what did you score? Why did you choose the school? And how many schools did you apply to? Sorry for the overload of questions but I'm curious on everyone already accepted. I'm applying to the nursing schools in houston; uthealth, pvamu, shsu and twu
    Thank y'all <3
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  3. by   S7ud3n7_Nur53
    If you search this site, there is usually a forum for each school's current and past application cycles. People usually post their GPAs and whatnot there. For example if you search UThealth fall 2018, there will be a thread with all that info.