St. Luke's Winter 2013 GN Residency

  1. Who else has an interview for St. Luke's in Houston?

    I am going to have a phone interview. I never had one of those before.

    Anyways, any kind of input would be nice: what to expect when it comes to interviews at this hospital, information about yourself, anything you know about St. Luke's, etc.
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  3. by   LaceyRN12
    Wow. So NO ONE got a call back for an interview? I guess I'm lucky. I wonder how many applicants there were.
  4. by   arc0610
    Hi LaceyRN12

    I was just wondering how you went about applying for the GN Residency at St. Luke's? I was looking on the website and I couldn't find the job posting for the Residency.

    Thanks for your help and Good luck with your interview
  5. by   citylights89
    I'm guessing you had your phone interview now. How did it go? I wonder when they are gonna call everybody back as to whether they have the job or not, because I have been to all 3 and I'm starting to get discouraged. It's been 2 weeks.
  6. by   spartan_711
    Hey guys, I know this thread is old, but could anyone give me some insight on the interviewing process for St. Luke's GN Residency program? How the phone interview went? If anyone has received job offers? I have a phone interview Thursday and I have no idea what to expect.