St David's South Austin

  1. Hi everyone! I just got a job as a new grad RN at St. David's south Austin medical center and I start next week. I'm not from Texas and was wondering if anyone that works there or started there as a new grad nurse could tell me how they like it and what they think of the hospital, staff, ratios, shifts, units, etc. They hired me for day shift (7a-7p) on med/surg tele unit.
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  3. by   Sammigayle
    Now that you started, how do you like it? I was offered a job at S&W in Temple in the new grad program and am also waiting to hear from St. David's Telemetry unit... Interviewed for a medsurg telemetry new grad position last week!
  4. by   stina44
    Hi! Congratulations on getting the job! I am interviewing for the St. Davids New Grad Residency next week and since it is my dream job/location, I was wondering if you could tell me how you like working for St. David's so far? What is life in Austin like and is it doable to work for $22-23/hour and still be able to afford rent? I'm relocating from out of state and have a lot of questions...