San Antonio CPNE Study Buddy

  1. Anyone here studying for the CPNE. I'm sending out my packet today. Heard there is a 6 month wait. Also anyone going to the Workshop in San antonio in April?
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  3. by   texasrn9
    Please refresh me...what is CPNE?
  4. by   miss_scarlett
    i'm currently registered for the excelsior cpne workshop in san antonio may 5th-7th and am still waiting on my cpne test date (i applied for all the tx sites). i live in south dakota.
  5. by   samba urban
    I just took cpne in albany and failed. Too nervous. Maybe I'll see you @ the workshop (if I can afford it).
    good luck
  6. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    What is the CPNE?