Reverting aprn license to maiden name while still married

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    So I've been married for 1 year now (yay!) and I foolishly decided to change my last name at my local Social Security Administration office (I was sooo excited at that time). I am, however, having a terrible time changing all my licenses/certifications (I am an APRN) along with DEA#, medicare/aid #'s, Texas Medical Board, etc.... I would like to know if it is possible to revert to my maiden name with Texas Board of Nursing while still being married. I found out that in Texas, it is OK to continue with your maiden name in your professional circle. I feel awful because I now regret having changed my last name at all. I had NO idea the mess I would get myself into. I have already e-mailed Texas BON but I have not received a response. Anybody out there knows if it is possible to revert to my maiden name with Texas BON? (I am a legal resident alien, all my immigration documentation has my maiden name ALL over it lol, would this be enough proof for Texas BON?)

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  3. by   bugya90
    Did you keep your maiden name on your nursing license at all? My sister kept her maiden name and just added her married name and has not had any issues using either name. I dropped my maiden completely and my work had a fit when my HR stuff didn't match up to my nursing license during the first few weeks when everything was changing over to my married name.