Plan to move to Plano in the summer, where should I look for a job?

  1. We are moving to Frisco or Plano area. I don't want commute more than 30minutes. What are my choices of hospitals? Not familiar with the area, your suggetions are appreciated.
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  3. by   Prettyladie
    Baylor of Plano, Centinniel Medical Center in Frisco, Medcial Center of Plano, Presbyterian of Allen, Medical Center of Mckinney, Richardson Regional.. then there are hospitals in Dallas, but that mite be a little more of a communte than 30 mins with traffic.
  4. by   niceone
    Which hospital is the best one to work at?
  5. by   Prettyladie
    I dont know your speciality but Baylor in Dallas, is a Trauma 1 Center. Ummm.. all of the hopsitals in the Baylor Health are great and so are the ones in the TexasHealth system, that would be the Presbyterian hospitals. Nothing wrong with any of them..buuuttt i wouldnt too much reccommend Richardson Regional because of personal past issues with my boyfriends grandmother, but thats on the Dr. side. As far as Frisco, Centiennel is a great "looking" place =) I really dont' have that much information on that hospital. Sorry if I'm not too much of help. Where are you coming from.