Pay rate increase by quarter?!

  1. Hello everyone! I have been working for 1 year now at local clinic in houston, TX. I was a new LVN graduate when hired. I got my evaluation and got $0.25 raise. I am currently making $15.52. With increase, would be $15.77 hourly. This is my first job, so I am just wondering what everyone think of this?! Is this a decent raise? Any reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You got a raise. That is great. I have never been given a raise at all, except for the one I got from a unionized employer. One time a performance bonus was given to me in the form of a raise of a quarter per hour. Never would have got that otherwise. When I started talking about pay equity before I left that employer, I got a load of .......... Be thankful you are getting raises from this employer.
  4. by   loricatus
    A GOOD raise is considered 3% & it looks like you got about a 1.5% (not great at doing math in my head). This was before the recession hit and many places are freezing wages (no raises). So, based on the current economic times, I think you did OK.