Panola College

  1. Waiting lists etc? I'm an evacuee from NOLA and need to find a school to finish clinicals at.

    Also who's taken the Hepa or whatever it was called.

    Thanks guys,

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  3. by   kristin9903
    My stepmom's a prof there! Panola's a great school with a good reputation. It has a very good NCLEX pass rate.

    From what I understand, there are waiting lists, but nothing very long at all. I've applied to schools in the DFW metroplex, where it's super hard to get a slot. I told her the admission requirements and she was shocked to find out how selective they can be in DFW.

    They require the HESI for admission and they're mainly concerned with your reading comprehension and your math skills. There's an A&P section that they also look at, but they are a little more lax on what they consider an acceptable result.

    Good luck!
  4. by   berylzicks
    so what would you suggest if you were to chose between panola and tyler junior college, please help