new to San Antonio, which hospitals to apply to

  1. I am moving to SA in a few months and would like information on hospitals. I have 10+ yrs experience in L&D and would like to find a great unit to work in. I have looked at positions available at Methodist Women's Pavillion. Any advice on where to apply?

    Also, do you know the going average hourly rate for a RN with 10 yrs exp? How about how on-call/PRN positions work in SA? what would be the requirements of a PRN nurse and what is the pay rate for a position with no benefits?
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  3. by   returnednurse
    Methodist has several locations in San Antonio some are nicer than others. Downtown is the oldest campus. Baptist is good and pays more. Santa Rosa is another well known facility there. don't know salaries but, some of the nursing websites do annual salary reports. Not sure if ok to name so I wont. Just google annual nursing salary report and you should find.