New grad positions in Houston

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am graduating in April from school in Michigan and am looking to move to Houston in the fall. I am trying to find which hospitals have new grad residency programs and when they all open their applications for fall start dates. If anyone has some insight that would be great!

    So far I know:
    Texas Children's- June
    Houston Methodist- June

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  3. by   mrb3815
    Theres also programs for St. Lukes, Memorial Hermann, HCA, and Harris Health. Those are the main ones but I have seen a few small hospitals that have programs every once in a while. I don't know the next start dates for the programs listed above though. I know the next cohort starts in July, and I believe the following one will should start in December/January-though the application will open up a few months before that.
  4. by   ambersmiles7
    I'm thinking about moving to Houston (or Austin...) in the fall also. I'm graduating through an accelerated BSN program and will end in August. I'm also from Michigan! Curious to see what everyone will say.
  5. by   chellez86
    HCA is having a hiring event for new grads April 4th I believe...they have the most hospitals in the Houston area so try to see if you can make it! Good luck!