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  1. Anyone know anything about the trauma program at Memorial Hermann in Houston? I am looking at relocating with my husband to work there and would love to know more about it.
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  3. by   HouTx
    I am assuming that you are referring to Memorial Hermann - Medical Center, right? They have several facilities in the Houston area, and all of the names start with "Memorial Hermann" so it can get confusing.

    Hermann (as we old-timers still call it) is a pioneer in trauma medicine; the site of a ton of very valuable trauma research, including some of the foundational "golden hour" studies. They are a teaching facility for University of Texas School of Medicine, and many other medical and nursing schools. They began one of the first helicopter-based trauma response teams, and Life Flight is still one of the best in the nation. If you have a background in trauma nursing, I am sure you must be familiar with some of the more colorful characters associated with Hermann - including the iconic Dr "Red" Duke.

    Were you already hired into their trauma services ED or Life Flight? If so, you have my highest admiration, because they have very selective criteria. KUDOS to you!