MD Anderson nurse internship program spring 2013

  1. Hello everyone, I just want to start a thread on MD Anderson nurse residency program for spring 2013, did you apply and have anyone got a phone interview with them yet.
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  3. by   citylights89
    you mean the internship app that was just posted about a month ago? I did apply and heard nothing back from them.
  4. by   wunmmy
    The application was posted for 2 weeks, November 7, 2012 to November 26, 2012. HR told me that they will soon be calling people for phone screening. I hope that we'll hear from them soon.
  5. by   iram13
    I had my first interview with HR on 2/26/13 and my 2nd interview with the GN panel on 3/4/13. I was asked what area I would like to work in, and which shift preference I had. I have yet to hear back from them......waiting is so nerve wracking!!!