Maslow's hierarchy

  1. hello,

    level one lvn student and things are going fair. going into my 4th week on monday. my report card thus far is as follows:

    1) basic nursing i. exam 1 & 2, passed both (77.55%, 84%);
    2) nutition exam #1 (92%);
    3) med administration exam 1 & 2 (70%, 68%) :trout: :trout:

    frist, i'm need help with the math portion. the math test exam 1 & 2 are over fractions/decimals/ratio & proportion/precentages with a lot of word problems. (math has always been a problem for me.)

    second, i am having trouble deciphering data from a pt scenario based on maslow's hierarchy. not sure were ordered meds (e.g., humulin n 35 units, valsartan) would fall under. i'm thinking physiological needs. in addition, diagnostic test or labs not sure . again, thinking physiologicl needs.

    if someone could help me or direct me to resources that would enlighten my understand of how to determine which data would fall under maslow's basic human needs, i would appreicated it very much.

    thanks in advance.
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