lpn/lvn scores for acceptance in kingwood, northharris college

  1. I want to apply for the LVN/LPN program but I dont know if i have enough points and cutoff is Wednesday, May 13(maybe the 12th). I know the program is competitive. My points right now for the lvn program add up to 7.58.

    Does anyone know what kind of points are needed to get accepted.

    Please post any info you have on your points if you have been accepted into any of the LPN/LVN programs for the North Harris, Tomball, Kingwood. Montgomery or Cy-fair locations.
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  3. by   CaseyT
    Old post, but I thought I'd chime in, in case anybody was applying for the upcoming LVN program at LoneStar.

    I got my acceptance letter Thursday with 7.81 points and a 3.68 GPA.

    Anybody else???
  4. by   krzynlost
    ok, well I was on the lower end of the scale I got accepted with a 6.89.