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  1. Nurse Practice Act for LVN'S in TX.. I am refreshing and endorsing at this time. I am under the understanding that there isn't an "official" one and I am curious about lobbying groups for purpose of enacting one if this is true. TIA..Kate
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    A speaker in my Concepts class told us last week that Texas is combining their Practice Acts. Evidentally there will be a section for LVNs and RNs in the same one. Go to: www.bne.state.tx.us
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    Also, they just did this March 1st (I think on the date. That part I didn't write down.) There used to be 2 separate ones, now just one comprehensive one. They are also combining their board to include 1 APN, 2 RNs, 3LVNs, 1 Nurse Faculty LVN Program, 1 NF ADN, 1 NF BSN, 4 Public Members. Plus other miscellaneous staff. Again, this is a handout on the subject I received in class....