Kindred Hospital Spring open house and Interview day

  1. hey just wanted to share. I have the email and address for the person you are suppose to email your resume too wasn't sure if i could post her info on here. just pm me and ill forward it to you.

    Let me know if you can make it and reply with your resume attached!
    You are invited to attend an OpenHouseandInterviewDay at KindredHospitalSpring onTuesday, November13th. We are only inviting elite nurses that have Critical Care and MedicalSurgical experience. We hope you can make it out to visit with us!
    Tuesday, November13th, 9am - 7pm
    Houston, TX77090
    Bring your Resume and you will have the opportunity to Interview, Tour the facility andpossibly receive an On-the-Spot-Offer to join the Kindred Family!!
    You do not want to miss this Open House! Attend and enter your name in a drawing for some greatdoor-prizes!!
    We encourage you to bring a friend with you. Appointments are not necessary, but can bescheduled..
    Applications are accepted online at
    We look forward to meeting with you!!
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