Is anyone here enrolled in the A&P I at North Lake College- Irving, TX?

  1. Hi, I am taking A&P I at NLC for the Fall 09 semester, any tips? my instructor will be M. Serra, so I wanted to know if there's anyone here that had taken that class with the same professor, or that can give me some tips on how to succeed in this class. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   goopsy
    no, but I took it with Wheeler, and he was amazing! I never heard of Serra. There was one other guy teaching it at the same time, and I heard he was like super hard for no reason... but it wasn't Serra.
  4. by   anabellaes1
    Thanks- I just wanted to know what is the class like, and if I can buy the book from someone too...
  5. by   goopsy
    we didn't use the book at all...i just bought the lab manual since it is an excellent resource to have with all of the good pics and graphics in it. My prof went straight off of his own notes.