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  1. Hello everyone. I am currently a college student in Texas at Texas A&M. Major currently is Allied Health. I'm so bored with Allied Health. I want to use my hands. I want hands on training. Nursing is very appealing to me. Right now, I want to become a Physician Assistant. I may change my mind to become a doctor. The only thing I'm really sure about is, 1. I want to work in the medical field and 2. I would like to work for the FBI or NSA or some where in the intelligence sector applying medical techniques.

    I am signed up for a CPR/First Aid course with the Red Cross in Austin next month. Next, I want to take a CNA course. I want to work part time while continuing to work on my undergrad degree. I have to finish that.

    My questions are 1. What are the state if Texas requirements for certification as a CNA?

    2. I want to take the CNA course over the 2018 summer (and hopefully get the certification) during the break from school. Is this realistic? Any program recoomendations?

    3. Why is the UT Arlington program so much longer and more expensive than the Kilgore College in Longview TX?

    4. What is governing body for CNA certification in Texas? I've come across two different boards on the internet. NATCEP or The Human Services for Aging....(I can't recall the full name).

    Thank you for your input and advice.
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