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  1. Hey Texans, I really need your help. I will be relocating to Houston in a year or two. I have a Bachelor of Arts and just graduated with a LVN certificate. I need a LVN-BSN or accelerated BSN program. I'm looking for a school that will accept Excelsior's College's Anatomy and Physiology 6 credit exam. I passed that exam and did one year of A&P in vocational LPN school. I was looking at Houston Baptist.

    Is that program difficult to get into? Do Texas Colleges accept Cleps? If I have to do A&P over, I really dont mind.

    Anyone who lives in Houston and can help me......please respond!!! THANKS!!!
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  3. by   AdrianLU
    Most Texas schools to recognize CLEP tests. I have 17 hours of CLEP credit on my transcript, however most don't accept CLEP for science courses. If they do accept them they usually require either a lab course or their own test to back it up. It's best to check with each school about exactly which tests they accept and which scores are needed.

  4. by   verano05
    Akanini are you in any BSN program now? I am interested as well. Please send me any information. thanks
  5. by   akanini
    I'm still in NY and still undecided.