Houston RN salary

  1. Hello,
    Can you guys let me know the pay rate for RNs in Houston area as of 2017? Which hospitals are good to work at?
    Thank you
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  3. by   claire628
    Yes I would like to know as well
  4. by   blueindigo79
    Depends on years of experience. Memorial Hermann, Houston Methodist, and MD Anderson pay the most.... I think.
  5. by   SuburbsGirl
    New grads Metro area $26-$27 according to a friend of mine.
  6. by   smile2906
    Thank you for all the replies. How about Harris Heath system? Do you guys know how much they pay for a new grad? Thank you!
  7. by   Crunchtime
    im wondering about this one too.. i have 5 years acute experience in a big operating room.. any ideas?how bout benefits? looking for a facility that actually cover me and my family 100% health insurance coverage.. is there such thing as this in houston?