Houston Community College 1st semester ADN students please HELP.

  1. Hello I was wondering If there. Was someone who can tell me how the 1st semester went and what can I expect next semester. Any input would be good , thanks In advance.

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  3. by   bdorsey30

    I am scheduled to take Pharm this Fall but I heard that you now have to sit out a semester before proceeding to the remainder of the nursing program. Is this true? When did you take Pharm? Was it offered online? I am wondering if they are expecting students to quit their jobs this semester and then have to sit next semester and do nothing!! I also applied for Spring 2010 class at PVAMU and the counselor told me they will not accept Pharm from HCC. So I am trying to figure out if its worth it for me to proceed at HCC.

    Thanks for any info and input. It is greatly appreciated!!!!
  4. by   EMTtoGN10
    They are not expecting for you to quit your job it is your choice if you choose to quit working while in school but you are not accepted into the program until you finish pharm and pass the class with a 75 and the pharm math test with a 90% and then you are considered for the program. Good Luck!