HBU BSN program questions

  1. I was interested in the HBU BSN program but I'm afraid their website isn't very helpful. Is it a difficult program to get into? It doesn't look like they do interviews so grades must be the sole determining factor. Also I have heard that they do a sort of work-study program with Memorial Hermann that may offer tuition reimbursement. Does anyone know a little about that?

    I'm not sure that this will be important but I will be graduating in May with a bachelors of arts- history. I still have to take several pre-recs but they will all be completed by December.
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  3. by   priscilla_diaz1502
    Hi, I know you posted this a while ago and I don't have an answer to any of your questions.. have you?
    I've read other forums and apparently HBU is not the school to go to. I have been accepted to the program at texas a&M corpus in the spring but I really wanted to apply at HBU..
    Have you heard what the average GPA and hessi scores are to get in?