Good Pediatrician in San Antonio?

  1. Does anyone know of a good Pediatrician in San Antonio?
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  3. by   IamRN
    I PM'd you...
  4. by   becca.utns
    I don't think I gave enough info earlier. I was looking for a good Pediatrician for family reasons not employment. I figured nurses might know best which Pediatricians were really good (patient, kind, don't overbook-that kind of thing).
  5. by   johnwaynehair
    Julie LaBarba, MD at Santa Rosa Downtown. I saw her work during my OB rotation at University, and she's the doc I'll take my next kid to if and when I have 'em. She was an attending, and she kept the med students in line; showed a lot of compassion towards the kiddies. Good Luck...John, UTHSCSA Class of May 2004