Financial Aid and Scholarships

  1. I am a new college student registering for my pre-req's for Spring 07. The whole financial aid thing confuses me. Will Fin. aid let me know what grants, loans, and scholarships I qualify for or do I need to do my own search. If so, where do I begin?
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  3. by   Babynurse83
    as far as finanical aid you will first need to fill out a fasfa you can do this online much faster at or go to your financial aid (fa) office and get the paper form. you will need your parents income tax information. the fasfa is used to qualify for government loans and grants. most colleges do help and provide you with how and where to look for scholarships but some are so overwhelmed that they don't give you as much help even though that's their job. you will also need to go to the colleges financial aid office and fill out any paperwork they need and they might have some scholarships of their own that you can apply for if it's not past the deadline. the best thing to do is to go set up a appointment with fa to get a clearer picture of this. hope this helps. take care
  4. by   curlysue82
    Thanks, I was kinda at a loss.